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Regular physical exams can help assure continued health or catch problems early. Khanh Bao Nguyen, M.D., is a family physician who offers sports, school and drivers’ physicals, as well as general physical exams and primary care services, to residents of Garden Grove, California and surrounding areas.

Annual Physical Exam Q & A

What is a Physical Exam?

Physical examinations may differ slightly depending on the reason for the visit, but a thorough exam offers the physician an opportunity to collect information about the patient’s health status. Whether checking the eyes, ears, nose, and throat, testing reflexes, examining the skin, or palpating (feeling) the abdomen and glands, the physician is alerted to possible signs of disease as well as indications of good health.

How Often Do I Need a Physical Exam?

The need for physical exams varies by age. Infants and small children need more frequent exams (an exam every three months until age 2) because of the dramatic changes in growth and speed of development. Beginning at age 2, the recommended interval for children is annually until adulthood. Healthy adults need an exam every one or two years. Geriatric (elderly) patients may need more frequent exams because of chronic medical problems.

Is a Physical Exam Different Depending on Age and Sex?

Age and sex make a difference. For example, women need periodic pelvic exams and Pap smears. Men may need a prostate exam. A child’s height is usually measured at each exam, while adults have a height measurement once a year. A physical exam may be much more detailed if the patient has a chronic health condition. Elderly patients may need more complex exams, such as a cognitive evaluation to check for signs of dementia or a more extensive examination of the heart and lungs. A medical condition can also affect the need for certain tests, such as a foot exam in a patient who has diabetes.

Are All Physical Exams the Same?

Some physical exams have a special purpose. Sports physicals are designed to see if a child can safely play or continue a sport; they are not necessarily comprehensive exams. Driver’s physicals are concerned only with the patient’s ability to drive safely, while an occupational health or work fitness exam looks at the patient’s ability to perform a particular job. School physicals examine readiness for school and are usually more comprehensive than other kinds of specialized physicals.

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