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Khanh Bao Nguyen, MD

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Laboratory tests can provide invaluable information about a patient’s state of health. Dr. Khanh Nguyen, a family medicine specialist in Garden Grove, California, offers the convenience of in-office blood draws at Doctor’s Medical Group.

Blood Draw Q & A

What is a Blood Draw?

Although the terms “blood draw” and “blood test” are often used interchangeably, they are not the same. A blood test is any kind of laboratory examination that involves the use of blood. A blood draw is the actual procedure of removing the blood. Blood can be drawn directly from a vein or an artery, or through a medical device such as an intravenous line, saline lock, or central venous catheter.

What Are Blood Draws Used For?

The purpose of a blood draw is to obtain blood for medical testing. In some cases, the blood is allowed to clot before testing, while in others, it is spun or centrifuged to separate different kinds of blood cells. Blood specimens are used to measure the number and concentration of different types of blood cells, hormones, enzymes, chemicals, minerals, and possible infective agents like bacteria. Blood tests can also indicate how fast the blood clots or measure levels of medications in the blood.

What’s the Procedure Like?

In the most common type of blood draw, a nurse, doctor, or laboratory technician applies a tourniquet above the elbow, cleans the skin, and inserts a needle into the vein in the front of the elbow. A pressure dressing is applied to prevent bleeding. Blood can also be drawn from a wrist vein in a similar manner, and occasionally is drawn from veins in areas like the groin. An arterial blood sample is drawn in a similar fashion from the radial artery in the wrist. Blood specimens can also be obtained from a finger after the skin is cleaned and lanced.

Where Can I Get a Blood Draw?

Commercial laboratories and hospitals typically have phlebotomists (health workers who draw blood) and patients can visit these locations for blood draws. However, many clinics and doctor’s offices also have staff on duty who can perform blood draws, which makes it much more convenient for the patient, who can receive all services in a single location. Doctor’s Medical Group offers convenient, in-house blood draws to the patients we serve.

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